‘Cymru & I’ goes to Llandeilo Lit Fest

28 April 2024 | Inclusive Journalism Cymru

As part of Llandeilo Lit Fest this year – a multi-genre, Welsh literary festival that has been running since 2017 – we will be holding a live talk to discuss our recently published collection of essays, ‘Cymru & I’. The event will take place at 11am Sunday 28th April

Shirish Kulkarni, founder of Inclusive Journalism Cymru, will host readings and conversation with three of our writers: Tia-zakura Camilleri, Alys Roberts and Anthony Shapland. Together they’ll explore what being part of ‘Cymru & I’ meant for them, and what the book tells us about Wales now, and in the future.

‘Cymru & I’ is a collection of essays about Wales and the many different kinds of Welshness it encompasses. Our collaboration with Seren Books set out to reflect and represent stories that are often overlooked or unheard. It encompasses essays on identity, integration, the power of language to welcome or divide, acceptance, personal aspiration, civic decline and hill walking.

The book explores some of the questions, the challenges, and the delights that have surfaced as Wales gradually becomes a more diverse, but also occasionally more fractured, nation. Some of the writers reflect on how they feel viscerally Welsh, whilst others find their relationship with that word much more complicated.

Among the contributors are those who have sought sanctuary and space in Wales: immigrants – current and first or second generation – neurodivergent, LGBTQ+ and working class people. Together, their work embraces the complexities of identity rather than reducing the world to stereotypes or caricature.

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