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Benefits of membership

Connect with other journalists

We’re creating spaces for a range in-person and virtual connections, to help you meet and share experiences with other journalists from marginalised identities or backgrounds. Together we’re building a community, and also building power

Professional opportunities

We’re offering a range of paid opportunities to enable members to learn and develop skills and get your work published or broadcast. Working with a range of industry partners we’ll also be providing training and mentoring opportunities to help fast track your career

Mental health support

We know the industry can be a difficult space to navigate, especially for those of us who’ve been historically marginalised. We’re offering professional wellbeing support to recognise the extra emotional burdens put on people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Become a partner and work with us

Is your organisation passionate about inclusive journalism? Want to drive change in your newsroom but not sure how? Want to support our work financially or practically? We already work with a range of partners across the industry, so get in touch to discuss how we could work together, we’d love to hear from you

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